The Ultimate Guide to Playing Keno Online

Keno, commonly referred to as the Chinese Lottery, is a popular casino game that originated from China. Originally, it was played by 80 Chinese characters before being replaced by Arabic numbers later on. Despite being overly simple to play, online keno isn't necessarily a boring game. This article furnishes you with the basics you need to know about online keno. Read more about casinos at online-casino-nz .

A Review of Online Keno Game

Due to the frequent winnings at keno as well as the simple game rules, keno has gained immense popularity across the globe. This seemingly unending popularity is what pushed keno into the online gambling platform. Currently, online keno has gained a massive following throughout the world. When playing keno, the aim of the player is to predict which keno numbers from 1 through 80 will be drawn.

If you are one person who loves to try your luck at predicting the winning numbers then online keno is the best game you can ever come by. Many forms of online keno are readily available at most of the prominent online casinos. Most of these platforms have gone ahead to integrate unique variants of online keno. This classic game has stayed relevant throughout time.

Online Keno Actions

You must select your stake amount before you begin playing keno. Once you have selected the wager, you can proceed to select your numbers. The selection of numbers can be done in either of the two ways: by selecting all the numbers randomly or by clicking on the keno board. In case you wish to change a number, simply click on it then unselect it.

You also have a chance to determine the number of consecutive games that you wish to play with the selected numbers. If you choose Play Ten, you will play ten times with the same numbers. Choosing Play Five and Play One lets you five and one times respectively using the selected numbers. The game commences immediately after you have click on any of the above buttons.

Online Keno Glossary

To be able to fully grasp the online keno game, it is important that you acquaint yourself with the game's terminology before you commence playing. Some of the key keno terms include quick pick, random number generator, keno board, keno balls, deuce, catch, and cage/bubble. The quick pick is the keno feature that lets the game to select random numbers for the player. It compares with a computer ticket.

The Random Number Generator is, in essence, a feature used by casino games to ensure the fairness of the games to the players. They generate the winning numbers instead of someone drawing them from the cage. The keno board is a board used to record the winning numbers that the casino has drawn. Lastly, the keno casino has a total of 80 keno balls, drawn from the cage.


Online Keno Premise

Have it in mind that keno, being a game of chance, has considerable similarity with lottery and bingo. The secret behind its popularity is the fact that it is a fast-paced game. Upon placing their bets, gamblers usually get the outcome of the game in a matter of seconds. Often, you can play keno in the turbo or normal mode. In the game, you can select 2-10 numbers.